It was at my lowest point that I found my passion for SUP!


Four years ago... i was made redundant from a job of 7 years that I loved & thought of as my family. That same day i flew to Rarotonga (not telling anyone what had happened) on a week long SUP YOGA RETREAT. Although i was devastated to be eventually leaving my job....i had a truly magical life changing experience while away.

When i got back to NZ..i was so excited to share my new found love but none of my friends had ever paddled. Work contracted me back for another year so I managed to get a few girls in my team out on the water with me. We had a blast but we're limited to what and where we could paddle with the boards we hired. I needed more SUP EXPERIENCE!

Two months after my trip to Rarotonga I went to visit the Sup Yoga Instructor in Sydney. She suggested i do the water rescue course with her (there was no chance of hanging out at bondi beach that week as a massive storm was about to hit)..so I did. We drove up the northern coast for the ISA/ASI SUP rescue course and it was there that i was really pushed way out of my comfort zone!

I had the opportunity to stay on and complete the Level 1 & 2 SUP Instructors course!!!! This was a major for me as i have a fear of public speaking & never dreamed I could ever teach anything....but with some encouragement i did it anyway! When i got back to NZ i couldnt wait to share my stoke of SUP (and become a proper qualified sup instructor)... but i needed to clock up some experience hours. Lucky i managed to convince a few friends & would hire boards to teach them.

I then set up the GIRLSGETOUTTHERENZ business to help encourage & support other women in "getting out there" & to share my passion for the water & beach :) It was the start of something I'm super passionate about & it's just Getting better every year with Girls like YOU GETTING OUT THERE & encouraging each other :)

Hope to see you on the water soon yo!

SJ x

PS. Don't be that girl watching on the beach this Summer....come learn to SUP Safely with confidence & meet new friends:)

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